Thursday, April 06, 2006

The pearl city

I flew to Hyderabad on Sunday morning by Sahara carier, after my exhausting trip to Taj Mahal, after I finished my task at Delhi, after the bad experienced I had with the travel agency.

I never forget that Sunday morning in Hyderabad.

Raining…, smaller airport compare to Delhi…; remembering me of small city in Indonesia.

The hotel driver had been waiting for me and took me directly to the hotel which had been choosed by the same travel agent.

The same travel agent which had been appointed by EPCH (the coordinator of Indian International Handicraft exhibition), the same travel agent who cheated me.

I had a strange feeling at that time that I will be cheated again but I could not cancelled my trip to Hyderabad. I had paid the ticket from Delhi to Hyderabad, paid the hotel and the worst part, my returned ticket to Jakarta was from Hyderabad.

I was so shock when I entered the hotel, it was dark and no air con. Especially the room condition, the curtain, the carpet, it looks like that no one ever clean them. The bed, unbelievable.

Compared to my hotel in Delhi which cost 50 % less then in Hyderabad, that was the worst thing that ever happened in my life.

I was panicked at that time, and I started to called everybody that I know in India. I called my friend, I called my Indonesian Embassy. I cried, I told them I want to go back to Indonesia right away…

But GOD has His plan on me, He didn’t let me go home ..

My friend, finally found a good hotel for me, with a special price. More expensive but worth it. Viceroy Hotel … and maybe today it’s been changed to Mariott Hotel.

I felt at home suddenly, found something familiar with me.

..... My adventure started with Birla Mandir Temple, white marble stone with Mahabrata Epic relief. Saw the priest bless the people. Met with my indian little friend. Met with nice, kind people, whose taken my photograph.

Went to Shilpharam, the craft village, on Monday morning, bought a lot of earings and necklaces.

Browsing beautiful sari at Kalanikethan and finally bought one, my 1st beautiful sari…(wish I have a chance to wear it).

I still remembered the 1st sari that I would like to buy .. sari with gold string …. oh..I couldn’t afford it.. (wish I have a chance to wear it).

Went to Sadarfjung Museum on Tuesday morning, found the similarity of their traditional sarong with Indonesian sarong. Finally got the proof of my history study .. that long time ago, people from India and China came to Indonesia…

Pass the Husein Sagar every time I went to several places in Hyderabad.

Went to Charminar, pass Mecca Masjid, met with Catholic nun…before at the last…bought the pearls from Krishna’s pearl.

The 1st time in my life I bought precious stone of my birth stone and the pearls.

Nothing much to share, only the kindness of the people, the beautiful places, the light of Husein Sagar lake in front of my hotel, the garden, the pearls, the sari …

The architecture of the designer home, Microsoft building, the peacock of the campus…

It’s near Divali when I took my last dinner, Indian curry with chapati, before I left Hyderabad to Jakarta.

I will come back and settled my unfinished trip to Hyderabad … find out my past life.

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Trying hard to invite indian gent?, wish you luck