Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sketch of a Map

I remembered my conversation with Joerg, at Asian Living Exhibition in Frankfurt.

He told me that he had tried to browse my company website but he could not find it.

It was 14 February, where everybody there was preparing their valentine’s day.

I gave him my big smile and my standard usual excuses “my website were under construction and will be ready within 2 months”.

Today, the end of 2 months will come within 5 days

I almost gave up my 1st things of my 43things list, until I read a comment of my entry and the cheered that I have.

How come I dissapointed the people who supported me, somebody that they know from the list of 43things….

So, in remembering the cheered, the comment, I had to tell you all that I had finished the 1st step of designing a website, I had finished the sketch of my site map, the foundation before I move on.

That 2 months for sure … I can not beat it, but I know that I have won the 100 m sprint competition, the competition between the loser and the winer

It is still long way to go, I still have to finish the sketch of every page ..but I know I had pass the toughest part, deveated myself.

Let’s see 1 week from now…I still owe you all, the report of my website journey.

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Anonymous said...

Focus, focus, focus. Be constant to your encouragement