Friday, April 07, 2006

A story about "Ancora"

by Il Divo

I always need a music when I want to express my thought in written. Not just written my journal but also during preparing my business plan.

I felt that music always gave me an energy and inspiration for every word that I put.

Il Divo, since their 1st album, already made my mind fly away beyond the language barier, took me to the place where I belong, took me to the places where the only left was just a “memory”.

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Anonymous said...

It was said that the relationship with 1470 was a respond to the worst blaming you on chasing. Thar was only happend days after year end 04. Infact that intense email and call had been started days after went home fron semnar. That was on octiober ir 2 month befor. What do you call them