Friday, April 07, 2006

Why I recommend "Putumayo Presents: Asian Groove"

by Various Artists

It is hard for me to enjoy Indian Music.

1st because I don’t understand the languange, 2nd because of the beat.

I bought one of the famous Indian traditional music, Mehdi Hasan, the legend, when I was in Hyderabad.

I was attracted to the lyric and the music itself. It’s about a man who carries his love until his die. How he beliefs that he will meet his woman again in his next life….

But at that time I miss to ask the title of the song..and it’s end up with a bunch of dissapointment, because I could not find the music that I like.

Until I bought this CD.

The dissapointment turn to satisfaction.

I can feel the soul of the music, feel the beat of each song, feel the “smell” of each instrument of the music, feel “the senses” of each song.

I still don’t understand the lyric but it’s not a matter now, since the essence of that music itself already explain it all.

...Pheli War – Sabyhata, ... it’s worth to consume

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