Thursday, September 28, 2006

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After struggled with my English course progress test a couple months ago, finally I could catch up my grade as before. I thought that it would be worst since I never touch or does my grammar practice after the course like before, but hehehe…maybe the fairy mother was being nice…

Well, life’s seems so busy recently. I had to cancel my yoga on last Friday because of the silly meeting, which ended at 7.00 pm. My yoga class started on 6.30 pm at Four Season, and with the lovely buss way development, it took almost one hour from Kebon Sirih. That meeting on Friday really ruined my day, especially because I have to attend the seminar of our group growth on Saturday.

Anyway, I have a good time after that … ; or maybe because I pretend to have a good time by shopping at Zara. Finally I got a blouse to match with my skirt :)

Visited my neighbor blog and got the new idea to release my tension … watch my DVD’s collection. Hm…thanks to silverline, who gave me the idea.

The rest .. was like before except for the fasting things and my English class.

I tried to respect my husband by do the fasting, especially on the 1st day of Ramadhan. It went normal until I heard my lovely manadonese traditional snack seller came and offered me to buy the snack. It was so tempting. I couldn’t stand myself to break my fasting. So, like a 3 years old kid, I asked my husband permission, apologize because I have to break the fasting….

… hm…it’s time to go back to my computer game …;

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