Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Friday and Weekend

I felt exhausted yesterday. After the meeting in the morning, suddenly I have to prepare the presentation for Monday and Tuesday to share our dept plan for 2007 and 2008. While at the same time, suddenly the Finance and GS people rushed me to give them my number for next year.

I don’t understand those people. They thought I could pick the number easily. Do they know that all the number relate to a thing call “plan” ?

… Well, all of that chaos made me forgot my appointment with my friends from my previous company. It has been months since I met them in July. I miss them. Wondering the fairy gossip mother spread the news. Nothing more interesting then listening to that kind of story during happy hours in the evening. Like we used to do.

I remember one of my friends said that there’s no “friends” term in work. You can’t find a friend there. I was so angry when he reminds me of his lovely words. Until suddenly I read my “Power” book, then I understand what he means by that.

Yeah, it’s difficult to find a “friend” there. Especially when everybody try to save their own, to get the attention from the “master” that they were number one.

However, I don’t want that“minor” things ruin my life now. So, every time I feel that my life in the office like hell, I push “my pause” button. If it didn’t work, then I put my Ipod on.

… What’s next ?


Only feel that I should bring my camera every time and take the snapshot during my way back home. I was stuck in the middle of traffic jam at Otista, East Jakarta, yesterday, and I saw a bunch of worker who works for buss way took a nap on the buss way road. I felt sorry for them. It must be hard for them.

Tibo, Dominggus and Marianus, read their story at the Catholic Magazine. I can’t say that they were innocent but the treatment they got from our government was horrible. It’s beyond the human right value. I could not understand the arrogance of the official public prosecutor. Theirs request was so simple, it won’t harm anybody. Our government said that we have to respect one another, respect the diversity of the religion. In this case, I don’t think that they walk what they talk.

The Devils wears Prada. My young adult specialist in film at TBI, we add his name from Rana to Rana Spielberg, criticize my habit of buying that pirate DVD. He told me to watch that film at the theater. Hm…he makes me think of something. This time, I will watch that movie at the theater. Hehehe… I will run from my office at 4 pm then go the theater by myself. Wondering what it feels…..

Weekend. Besides one of my family wedding reception and bunch of my DVD’s collection, I have my homework presentation.

.. Wish I could add the list by reading one of my book collections


F-Word said...

Actually, if you zoom the books in my post, you can see that "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene is also there! That's one interesting book!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog.. and trust me.. those are not the only ones.. I still have another 15 books that I haven't read scattered around the house & office! (I'm a crazy person)

tere616 said...

f-word : Yes, can't agree more. I love that book, the problem I bought it around 2 years ago and just read it. Haven't finish it yet.

I think both of us have the same habit.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog too.

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