Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lost in Friends with Money

by Nicole Holofcener

What should I say ? That yes, woman when they reach certain age, they started too worried about themselves, their children, their lives, their friends ? Moreover, sometimes they were less patient ?

This film try to picture of the quartet of life-long friends who have achieved a level of comfort in their lives, even Jennifer Aniston, who work as a maid by her own choice; and all of them have their own un-settled problem, like sex, aging, affair and charity events.

It suppose to be good, because their problem is people’s everydays live, our own problem, our day- to day un-settled problem.

However, unfortunately, I didn’t see their struggle to solve their problem, or even their partner dealt with their wives problem.

It seems that the director let us to make our own “journey”, our own interpretation, which is at the end make me lost. Like our own routine, having breakfast, nothing special.

However, besides that “lost” thing, I found something interesting, reminds me of my mom when she advice me, “Accept the reality, you are not younger anymore. You’re a grown up woman (not to say “Old”).”.

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