Friday, September 29, 2006

Between Heaven and Hell *

We learn the intonation in heavy syllable today. It was so fun especially because Rana, my youngest second grade friends, were in. He was so obsess to be a movie director and every single things he convert it as a scene. His imagination beyond our expectation.

When we have to give simple statement using the heavy syllable, then I started with “ Rana Spielberg got a scholarship from Lim Kwok College in KL”. Afterwards the other statement roll out like it’s been years in his memory.

He called me a “hippy mother” because of the subject of white lies that we discuss. Last week we talked about innuendoes and compared with Bahasa. We knew that we have that kind of language in our own, but we did not know how we called it in our grammatical.

We always made a joke in every single session of our unit. The worst part was when we discussed about innuendoes because Rana could not stand of himself to find that “innuendo” word.

I love my class. No matter how bad my day in the office, every time I enter my English room, I felt my new energy automatically took place the old one. It seems that my class likes a nutshell for me.

I remember last night, my friend text me, she told me that she couldn’t handle her workload anymore, so she decided to go to Borobudur hotel for a massage. She asked me whether I would like to join her. I thanked her and told her that I’m already at my lovely nutshell. I don’t want to replace my time at my “nutshell” with the massage.

The truth is I have a bad day in our office. We have implemented the new pre paid program registration as advised by our government. Automatically, this new system plus the new program have an impact in the number of customers activation. We started the program on 26 September and as predicted, there was a little bit of chaos. My boss yelled at me like hell and panicked. He accused me by not telling him the truth. In fact, I did not have the picture of our customer activation. I only have the calls traffic.

Therefore, like a good troops, I changed the staff composition of every shift. Emergency called that was my instruction to my one down.

Yesterday morning, I have the report that the new shift arrangement worked. The number of our customer increased. I was happy.

But, as Gus Dur has the “whisper person” so were him. Too bad that the person did not tell him the correct one. In the evening, I have the worst email from him. Blaming my team as the cause of this trouble and copied it to our division team. I was so angry but I have to find a way to explain the truth.

I didn’t have much time yesterday, have to interview my call center candidate and at the same time try to prove that there was an improvement. I felt so bad that I have to do the interview while at the same time do the calculation.

But have to say that it was worth. I can show to my boss that the number looks greater because of the accumulation. The “whisper person” tries to emphasize that whatever the reason the number was getting higher. I felt that I want to yell at her but I know that it was not a good way to encounter. Thus, wore my smile mask on my face, I told her nicely, by given the comparison.

The result …. Have to put it on written today …..

Phew, ….since today is the time to shake our body; I will go home as early as possible and watch my bunch of pirate. I try to be like silverlines but as soon as I put my DVD on, my sleepy eyes will do the reaction. Or maybe I will do my yoga. The problem is I'm fasting. It's been two days since I made my decission to do the fasting.

The summary ... Nothing else to say, my English class cured my stress and relief my burden yesterday. Have to thank my lovely class.

* Written on 28 and 29

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