Monday, September 18, 2006

Yoga and Burden

My friend told me that my blog look like a bunch of complaint story lately. Well .. maybe. As far as I can recall, my past few weeks was full with meeting, coaching and interviewing.

Conveying the same message repeatedly, concentrating to find the truth of what they were saying, was more nerve-wracking then doing the routine.

So what can I say ? The decisive moment of every day ? There’s a bunch of moment truth in my every day life. However, from a pile of decisive moment, there’s only one which affect my thought, like my yoga at four season. Not only because finally I have the time to attend but also because during the relaxation, I felt completely relax.

I came late but I could catch the class. The pose was not harder than before, I still could follow every single instruction, except for Upavista Konasana ( Seated angle posture ) and Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana ( One leg folded forward bend ). I always fail to do that, especially now days after I’ve been absent for more than 9 months and never practiced it at home. All that kind of instruction related to that posture always makes me feel smile, smile because I never made it.

Anyway, from all of the posture instruction, what I remember most was the relaxation. It seems that my entire load on my shoulders was taken away.

I felt happy after the class. Having hot shower, smell the freshness of the soap, was enough to pay my three weeks meeting and coaching.

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