Monday, September 18, 2006

Every 30 Minutes

Somebody : I think you should learn how to distract yourself from your routine. Otherwise,
you will experience the same level of stress like before. Why don’t you arrange
your alarm clock in your cell phone every 30 minutes, to remind you for a break.
Only 5 minutes break.

Me : What if I’m in the middle of meeting ? what if I was in the middle of giving the

presentation ? what if I have to finish my report because of the deadline ? (me
and my what if question)

Somebody : Hey ! you are not a child anymore. The alarm only work for a reminder. If you

feel that, you still have the energy then continue your work. But, at least, with
the reminder, it will distract you from your routine. Therefore, you will notice if
you have to stop for a while. I know you so well. You always forget to distract
yourself from your routine especially if the task was challenging.

Me :
Ok…thank you for the advice. Will follow your advice….:)

..... It's almost 2 weeks now and I haven't follow the advice. I think if I want to make my life more colorfull like before, then I have to discipline with the 30 minutes distraction....

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