Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hilarious - She's the Man

by Andy Fickman

It’s Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, translated to prep school soccer and this film has been made 11 years ago. It’s called “Just One of the Guys. My mistake”.

The film started when a teenage girl, Viola, discovers her soccer team has been cut from her school. She got the idea to disguises herself as her twin brother and takes his place at his new boarding school for two weeks.

As like other teenage girl , she falls in love with her new roommate, who’s the captain of her new soccer team, Duke.

Things get more complicated when his twin brother back from London and when she finds out that she becomes the object of affection of the beautiful Olivia, the girl whom Duke loves.

As “Bend like Beckham”, this movie also told us that “gender” is not an issue. Even though we are a woman, we could compete with the man, at the same level. There’s no man’s job or woman’s job, we are equal in terms of work.

Well, my intention of giving the review, is not to discuss the gender issue. My intention only to say that if you need a movie to release your tension, then watch this.

It’s hilarious, it’s release my tension after the 4 hours long meeting on Monday.

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