Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boring Fact

I lost my appetite to write even though I have a bunch of story in my head.

I think it’s because of the marketing plan meeting rally last week. We only had 1 week to finalize the idea before presented the idea to Board of Director. I’m neither in the product development division nor in the product plan marketing but since, customer care was under Marketing, so I had to joint the meeting party.

Yesterday, on the weekly marketing meeting, the interesting topic was the bad service of Call Centre. As a person who’s not the new comer in that area, by seeing the fact, I know the symptom of the disease.

It is a tough discussion last night, to present the fact and the cure program. Especially when the VP Marketing still questioning the fact that cause the disease. He asked me to elaborate my crash program to cure the disease.

So, went back to home and browsing the net to found out something that can proof my statement. Until I found something in the news that I plan to share it with him this morning.

Here I quote one of the boring fact of contact center :

"Agent satisfaction is a key contributor to customer satisfaction, so it is important to focus on agent empowerment. The contact centers’ key is a vision and strategic roadmap to productivity through customer and agent satisfaction," he said.

Luxford said monitoring, training, and coaching agents remains the number one area for improvement, as often times companies sacrifice this in lieu of filling more chairs to the detriment of both agent and consumer in an industry which is often misunderstood

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treespotter said...

just write regularly. it won't be good enough, but it keeps you well oiled and you can always come back to fix some old stuff. at the least of it, they can serve as reminder notes :)

Good luck!