Sunday, September 16, 2007

Criticism vs Interpretation

One of my blogger friends, if I may say so, wrote in his blog of how people could easily get hurt because of criticism.

In his post, he mentioned that the feeling of “hurt” is not because of sensitivity, it’s because of arrogance.

When I read it, my first reaction is to deny that. But at the second thought, I have to admit that it is true. We were so arrogant to accept a bunch of word that not in line with our thought, with our own perspective.

I don’t blame people of being un-tolerate. In fact, I do believe that no one in this world could easily tolerate the criticism. The reason were simple, it is because we are come from different culture, different language. Our parents raised us in such a way that makes us different with others. It is because we are Human.

Criticism, according to my blogger friend, can be easily accepted if we have the same frequency of understanding the words, or in other words, if we stop create our own meaning of the words.

But the question is how ?

The answer is easy, by translating the criticism into questions, by trying to be in the same frequency, by not using our own judgment, by not using our own interpretation.

Only then we would be able accept that criticism as fast as we click our finger, we could be a sensitive person.

Me, at the other side still fighting to be as “sensitive” person and not being “impulsive”. Am still fighting to turn that criticism into meaningful words, to put those words in the same frequency as the messenger.


trubby said...

Dear Tere.

I like this topic, you should write more often topic like this instead of your memory of love. thanks I like this

tere616 said...

Trubby : Thank you. Wish I could write this kind of issue more. But I also could not deny that sometimes write my memory of love, helps me to release the feelings that I have because of that "memory" :-)

trubby said...

just advise, write it on your diary.