Sunday, September 30, 2007

When Nature Try to Say Something ...

A foot note from Bali .....

As usual if I were in Bali, I always do my morning routine by walk along the beach. I always love to breath the fresh air, hear the sound of the waves, watch people busy with their morning activities, the surfer, the boat, the dog, the rock, every single thing that enrich my life.

I always feel being re-charged after am back from my Bali business trip compare to other places.

Therefore, if I do have a chance to go to Bali, I always dream to have my morning walk along the beach.

But not this time, I lost my beach. I was surprise when I saw my beach being constructed with giant and small rock. According to the guard, the construction was made to prevent the waves destroy the beach.

Suddenly I feel the emptiness until I saw a man sit in his meditation position. His face was so peaceful, like he was in Heaven. Instead of choose other place; he just sat at the rock that I hate.

Then I sat near to him, at the same rock, watch the blue sky before closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the waves; to my surprise all the emptiness feeling vanished.

I remember my last discussion with my friend, “it’s a matter of what we think, of what we put inside our mind, its all about mindset.”

Yes, have to admit, it’s true, it’s all about mindset …. Finally I’ve my beautiful Bali back, I’ve my white sandy beach back, I’ve the look of the child eyes back …

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