Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Heartless - Soeharto vs Time

What a surprise ? No, if we are talking about law system in Indonesia, especially if it relates to “the-green-eyes”. Nothing is impossible in our law system (what-a-pathetic-comment)

Since I was a teenage girl, I never believe in our law system, especially after I heard several stories from my mom of people who had a huge impact in their life after G-30 S PKI – all the communism thought in Sukarno’s era. At that time, in my teenage life, I do understand that law is so fragile, that “the-green-eyes” can turn the right into the wrong one.

I don’t know how I could get into that understanding, the only thing that I remember was when I read several books that banned by our government at that time. I read several analysis of that happening, the September 30th, and surprisingly it didn’t turn my beliefs to this republic, to the heart of this country, to our Flag, to our Pancasila. The information that I got from that book just enrich my knowledge.

One thing that I regret, was the stupidity of our government not to let people let read that book. I was lucky, I got the chance to read that book and have it (thanks to my late uncle who always feed me with that kind of knowledge).

Therefore, when I met and befriend with the son of one of the victim, I learned something from his life, different view, not from “suspicious eyes”.

So neither start from that day, and the day before, I decided to be “free” person, where nobody can touch me nor lecture me with that “wishy-washy” ideology, just in the name of “the-green-eye”.

Back to Suharto vs Time …. ; I could not believe my eyes when I saw the news today. A magazine like Time, where every news they publish, I believe have to gone through deep investigation, will get the verdict like that …. It’s so unbelievable …

Justice ? It’s not appropriate to discuss justice this time. Am not against Suharto, but knowing the practice in our government, I just wish that someday, justice will not be in “the-green-eyes” side if they have to compete with what we called “political” stuff.

Just a wish ..

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