Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Malya's Discussion

Is this common ? Working like this, where personal time nearly left ?

No, it’s not common. But maybe this is the price that we have to pay. For last several years, we were so passive. We were working in silo; we never prepare our 2nd line, 3rd line to be ready. So when there’s a demand that we have to run, we just realized that we don’t have enough people to help us.

I’m exhausted.

Me too. But we have to find a way not to be in that circle, walk in the same road again and again. It’s our challenge now. The demand for changes is there, waiting at our front door. I still have the faith that we could break the chain.

I don’t know. I think I should quit.

No, please don’t. This is not the right time to quit. Our plane just left the run away. If you jump from the plane now, you could not feel the glory. Wait until the plane flying high at the blue sky, at that time you can jump with glory.

But I need time to myself.

Then make it. It’s only you who could make that time for yourself. It’s only you who can instruct yourself to find a time for you to enjoy your lovely life. But please don’t quit now, not at the time being, our plane just left the run away.

…… All the answer were hanging there in the “Hope” tree, so I can put all my wishes there, while at the same time try make that answer as my belief too …

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