Sunday, September 30, 2007

Religious - Atheist ?

What a quiz anyway ....
Found it during my blogwalking today.

It's more interesting than working on my tomorrow task.

So here it is, the result of my religious or atheist ...

You scored as Apathetic Atheist, Meh... whatever. Apathetic Atheists tend towards disbelief because believing takes more work. These are the people who won't argue religion, even if a total nutjob confronts them because arguing just seems like a waste of time they could spend doing something else.

Apathetic Atheist




Spiritual Atheist




Scientific Atheist


Militant Atheist


Angry Atheist


What kind of atheist are you?
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

life has never been straight line

black white, left right, abuser victim, is nonsense, it is complex one.

i had a very close friend in the past, not past life for sure. superficialy nice, very nice to that no male in any place in the world could deny her charm.

but you know what, in side she is very tough, stuborn, non of any soft word could chage.

she lives always in two world, tough wo
rld she lives on now, and dreeam world of being humanity helper. being left right, two faces is her being.

she has no deposit of feeling of regretful, to say sorry is absolutely impossible, even she has done the rudddest , shameful things.

she can only be reminded by tough word, abusive word. she got abused but for sure she is not victim

what do you think her, my past friend