Monday, September 10, 2007

Living in a Jet Plane

Phew … finally this week I can stay in one place with peace. No need to arrange my schedule, chase my admin to arrange my flight schedule, the hotel and the most important thing is I don’t have to wake up at 03.00 AM to catch my 06.00 AM flight.

The schedule really made my life up-side down; the worst part was last week, when I was at home after gone back from Bandung, suddenly I woke up and forgot my own room. So pathetic ….

But that pathetic situation is not something that really bother me … ; There’s one situation which happened last week when I was attending “God and Goddess” meeting. A situation where suddenly frozen my mind. A situation where suddenly I thank God that He give me the position where am belong now.

And my mind flew to different meeting room where my ex-CEO gave me a lesson of “performance”. We were discussing his decision to terminate several sales managers. He told me that the evaluation of their glory is not based on their “history” performance that happened several years ago but based on their last one year performance. There is no Hero in corporation term. Therefore, people have to fight, every year, to get the recognition.

Until now, it’s my belief that the recognition is based on our “current” performance. That the under performance have to stay at their place or leave the company. There’s nothing I can agree more.

But to see one of the “Gods” – the way we called our boss – that I respect, got the same treatment; it is not the same like my ex-CEO gave me that lesson. I still remember his face, his eyes, when his colleague answered the question that belongs to his authority.

The higher we are, the lonelier we are …. And the easier we are to be the killer target …

Yes, the-damn-so-true-statement …..

Out of that meeting until today, that face and eyes, haunted me to every corner I walk, run or hide. The face and eyes that makes me use my “eagle” eyes ….

I know that my fighting partner will say that as a “senior” I have to understand all this kind of things, that I have to prepare myself to be ready for this kind of situation, that I have to leave my “innocence” thinking and replace it with “grown-up” thinking, where I have to be ready to the killer target every time, every day. Or with other words, stop to treat them as a “friend”.

Yes, that also the second-so-damn-true-statement …; there is no “friend” in corporation world, there is only “colleague” …

Friend is somebody that we find in our past lives ….. ; somebody that be with us during the rainy and sunny day for long times ....

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