Friday, September 14, 2007

The Eyes

Wish I were at the same place again
A place where the time stop tickling
A place where all the mystery of love waiting to be touch
A place where the memories are at the front door of our life.
A place where thousand words can be replace with beautiful eyes
A place where even in silence, the look of the eyes could feel the loneliness

But I know that when the times come, that place would not be the same again

The same wave never brings the same story
The same wave only brings the story of memories

And when the times come,
I know that the same eyes, that warmed my heart, that tells me a fairy tale, that tells me of how deep is the sea of love, that tells me the courage to face the world, is not there

And when the times finally there,
I will sit quietly, beneath the orange color of the sunset at the white sandy beach, looking through the sky, and listen to the sounds of the wave telling me a story of the beautiful eyes …

.. A foot note of 13 September 2007 ..

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