Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Quiz - Me, the Career Girl

I thought the quiz will say that am the woman of every man dream of.
Mother fairy can not change the result for me, too bad.
What can I say, it’s me anyway.

You are a Career Girl!

You may not be a CEO yet, but you're well on your way to success.
You take your career seriously, and you wouldn't stop working for any guy!
An independent woman, you pay for your own car, clothes, and housing.
And men appreciate that - at least, the ones as driven as you are.


nadia febina said...

tere.. just took the quiz from the link in your post, and my result is "career girl" as well.. can't believe it! i thought i've changed to a different person now.

i'm going to take it again sometime later hopefully it will result in something different. hehehe... *in denial mode ON* :D

Anonymous said...

Ah, dari tampangnya udah keliatan kalo career girl kok hehehe

tere616 said...

Nadia : Ha ? I'm going to take it sometime later, who knows that finally I can change to more decent one :-)

The Writer : Wakakakak, nggak jauh dari yang memperkenalkan kuisnya ke gw kan :-D