Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

New buzz from my friend at Plurk “Google Chrome” and Tresspotter.
I think I will wait a while before have the confidence to use it.

The stupidity things is, I have install but am afraid to use it.
So I delete it. What an impulsive person.

I guess, I will try exploring it through on my way to the office

Anyway, if you want to know about Google Chrome, just follow the Comic Book link drawn by Scottt McCloud.


Anonymous said...

I'm using it now :) It's simple and nice. Pretty neat. I think I start falling in love with it :P

tere616 said...

the writer : ok, then I'll try to run it again tonite. Just wondering how it will affect my IE.

Anonymous said...

scrap the IE. It has never been good and never will :D If you don't like chrome, firefox is a decent choice compared to IE

nadia febina said...

have they released the Mac version?

tere616 said...

nadia : not yet :-(