Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Did I Believe As A Child

Childhood is a period where mind can travel to every part of the world, to every sky, to every darkness or lightness out there, without anyone can stop it.

When I was a little I thought that Rabbit was always sitting in the moon and every time I always tried to find the Rabbit in the moon just to figure what she were doing.

And sometimes, as a grown up person, I still tried to find the Rabbit when there’s a full moon even though I know that it’s totally wrong, but somehow the voice inside me told me to find the Rabbit.

How amazing that period, the Childhood period, where we let our mind traveled to every part in the world, to fly high to the sky where the fairy lives, to hide from the monster of the darkness, to get help from the light. How amazing to own it, to own our thought where no one can touch that thought.

The believing of the dwarf if I made a mistake, that they will put me in their tiny house inside the bushes. The believing of how spacious our world is, where every part of the world is a mystery, and how beautiful to go to every part of the world. The believing that someday when I grown up and became one of Indonesian Woman Pilot, world is in my hand.

The believing that World was greener, where the animals were live happily, of how beautiful it was to took a picture of our world from above. The believing that World was a mystery, of how to be at the other part of the World was kind like magic.

How Africa was a mysterious world, and my eagerness to go there and explore the world of Africa; How Europe was a beautiful world where the entire composer live and took me to music imagination every time I heard a tune.

How amazing it was, when realism was never took part in the imagination world. How amazing it was, to believe that there’s no war, that we can live happily ever after.

I never throw away my Child’s believing …
Never.. Ever …

Sometimes, on my way back home, where I could see Full Moon through my car window, I always wondering, where’s my rabbit. Is she still there, sitting in the moon ?

Sometimes, on my business trip, when I fly above the sky, I always wondering, where my green world is, and when I found it, the happiness of finding a treasure were there…

No .. I don’t want to throw away my childhood dream …


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I have forgotten all the imaginations that I used to have when I was a kid. Now I am just being a sceptic grown up like any other adults.

Joe said...

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Katadia said...

As a kid, I think I dreamt about a lot of chocolates and "permen" without having my dad limiting my consumption and yelling "cepet sikat gigi" on and on and on. Now, I am becoming my dad. I hide chocolates around the house from Andra and when he finally falls asleep, I take my stash out and enjoy them feeling slightly guilty. So yes, adulthood has its positive side in the sense that we now can just eat what we want. He..he..

Bagus Arya Wirapati said...

I like think about how I imagine about the world when I was a child. Everything was so beautiful in my mind. As time goes by, I realized that it's not all that beautiful, that dreams have to face realities that might not as good as they can be.

But, really, I never stop dreaming. Dreams is not a sign of maturity and human is a dreaming creature. What I can do now is to believe that my childhood and present dreams can be realized, but somehow in a different way.

Cuz, dreams were not meant to fade away, they were meant to be realized.

tere616 said...

The writer : Am the one that always belief that inside a grown up person there's a child inside :-)

Katadia : Chocolate is my fav too when I was a kid, and as you did to Andra, I did the same thing for my daughters.

Bagus Arya Wirapati : Can't agree more than you. If we stop dreaming then it means that we're dead.