Friday, September 26, 2008

Moment of Truth - The Dark Side

Have you ever watch “Moment of Truth” variety show in Star World channel ?
I have, twice, and will continue to watch it.

The variety show was run by Fox
Fox has announced The Moment of Truth, a new game show that will quiz
contestants on personal questions and use a lie detector to determine if they're
telling the truth, will premiere on Wednesday, January 23 at 9PM ET/PT.

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The show where we could mirror ourselves through somebody’s life; the show that manipulate people through their need of money.

In that show we can see how people may forgotten their own happiness to pursue their target to win the money, even though they have to publicly open the sad story in their family, or make their parents cry, or make their husband or best friend hurt.

I believe that every family in this world has their own dark side, where the side becomes the secret of them selves. As a person, we also have our dark side, the feeling that we hide deep down inside our self, which no one knows about it, not even our closest friend or even our better half.

In this show, that person, are willing to reveal their own secret and their family secret, just in the name of money.

Despite its high ratings and international spinoffs, the show's original
Colombian edition -- which featured a maximum prize of $50,000 -- was recently
after a contestant won $25,000 by admitting she had hired someone
to kill her husband.
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The question are vary, from their sex life, their feeling towards their better half or parents, their trust to their better half and their best friend, their dark side that their hide, and even to their secret when they pursue their position.
"The crime couldn't be carried out because the hit man tipped off my husband and
he ran away forever -- God save me," the contestant, a
Colombian woman named Rosa Maria Solano, said after her revelation,
according to The Associated Press.

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I’m amazed with their spirit to pursue the money, the large amount that could change their lives, the amounts that can help them build their dream, and whilst at the same time could destroy the happiness that they have before.

Like my little daughter told me, “I don’t understand why people able to do that without having a 2nd thought. They didn’t have a heart to their mother, their husband and their best friend.”

And the lie detector will be the judges of all the questions, “Do you trust your husband ? Have you ever slept with your wife’s friend ? Do you still hate your father ? In your heart are you happy that your mother was far away from you ? Do you believe your husband if you have to left him with your best friend ? Have you ever slept with somebody to get the position that you’ve now ?”

Contestants competing on The Moment of Truth will be
hooked-up to a lie detector and asked to answer 21 questions without fibbing for
the chance to win the $500,000 grand prize. Not surprisingly, the
questions' subject matter grows more difficult with each correct answer given
and -- as friends and family members watch from the studio audience -- owning up
to the truth becomes harder.
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If I have to choose, I will choose to keep the dark side with me ...


Anonymous said...

The polygraph exams on Moment of Truth are worthless. If done correctly, a polygraph can be as good as 95% accurate, but the MOT examiner violates every known standard of practice for polygraph and uses a technique that is unvalidated and little better than flipping a coin.

Michael Martin
Court-certified polygraph expert
Global Polygraph Network

tere616 said...

Michael : Wow, unbelievable. Thanks for the knowledge.

Rob Baiton said...


The show has that really cool cringe factor. It is bizarre to watch people knowingly put into the public realm really personal and crazy stuff about themselves in the pursuit of cash.


Can be as good as 95% accurate! Does this mean it can be less (perhaps more) accurate than that?

Ecky said...

I guess people are willing to do anything for the sake of money, sad isn't it.

tere616 said...

Rob : Yes, it is bizarre but can't drag myself out from there and every time am still wondering how people can do that. Do we have to find an excuses for that ? Because we are human ?

Ecky : Sad Ecky .. really sad to hurt somebody we love, to destroy what we have build