Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Love to the Earth

This question came from GAIA to my Inbox :
If someone came to you and said that they wanted to show their love to the planet, what would you recommend they do ?

If I met that someone definitely my recommendation is to bring Peacefulness to the world and Fight the Poverty. Nothing else that I want only that two big and meaningful word. It’s been century that Peace and Poverty never stay long in one place.

History had given us a lot of evidence that Peace was only a word when it comes to diversity, when it comes to disagreement, when it comes to religion, when it comes to culture, when it comes to Human Being.

History had given us a lot of evidence that Poverty also an abstract word, where for some people, Poverty is like a story in fairy tale, while others dealt with that word for the rest of their live and wondering when it will end.

Indonesia is a place where different religion lived since centuries ago, where the different culture meet each other since the history tried to portrayed them. Four major religions live longer than the history of Indonesia itself and they colored Indonesia culture by the beauty of the religion itself.

But why nowadays the understanding of the disagreement is not there anymore ? That minority have to follow the majority ? Because it is how the rule to live in this world ?

Why suddenly religions become an identity, especially for two major religions in the world, Moslem and Christian ? The agitation always starts from the intolerance of other’s beliefs.

We don’t have to go across the world to discuss about Peacefulness nor to discuss Poverty.

Right in front of our eyes, poverty are standing there, not to begging the mercy from rich people, Poverty are standing there to get the acknowledgement from all of us that we have forgotten them.
We can not deny that in this world, there are always the rich and the poor, the majority and the minority, we have to accept it. But it doesn’t mean that we can not do anything, it doesn’t mean that we can keep quiet and continue with our lives.

I love the idea of “Food for Work”, where we create an opportunity for the poorer to work, instead of giving them the money for free. By doing that, we give them back their dignity as a person and most of all; we value them as a human being.

We tend to find a solution from big idea while actually the big idea starts from the small idea, as a grown up start from the kid.

So, if someone comes to me, my recommendation still the same but I will add something to my recommendation that look at our nearest first then others. Don’t talk about neither the whole world nor the country, start from within first.

I always believe that nothing is impossible, as there’s an era where Jerusalem was the city of tolerance, where 3 religions hand in hand together without border.

By having a peacefull world, our Earth will live longer.


Bagus Arya Wirapati said...

Peace is somewhat relative. I can't say that absolute peace is exist. Since, an old sayings said, "those who are ready to live in peace, are prepared to war". In the end, human is a self-predatory creature who likes bloodshed.

Bu, really, I am an optimistic person (at least my friend said that). And I believe peace can be accomplished. But, in a different way. Just like what I've said before, any dreams can become true in different ways. And how to accomplish that. That's a mystery we have to search.

firza said...

somehow i loose my trust to our government, since there are too many unresolved problem-specially poverty.

firza said...

somehow i loose my trust to our government, since there are too many unresolved problem-specially poverty.

tere616 said...

Bagus Arya Wirapati : Peace is somewhat relative to each person, and I do believe that someday we can accomplish that. But it doesn't mean that we have to wait until we get the answer. The action should be there also.

Firza : Can't agree with you, all the mumbo-jumbo things about the regulation make me loose my faith to the government. But as I said before, we have to crack the mystery :-)