Monday, September 15, 2008

Yin and Yang - The Harmony - Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony.
Side by side on my piano keyboard oh Lord why don’t we ?
We all know that people are the same where ever you go
There is good and bad in everyone
We learn to live we learn to give each other that we need to survive together alive

Do you remember the above song, the well-known song of Stevie Wonders ?

I’ve been thinking lately of this world, especially my world, in the sense of Harmony.
Seems to me that people longing for a harmony in their lives but to some extend they tend to forget how to put the “harmony” along their way.

The classic excuses are “because we are human”.
The classic comment is “but doesn’t mean because we are human we can do whatever we want”

My idea of harmony was come from my blogger friend, Rob and Tree, I found interesting thought from their post.
In my small world, where two east people with totally different religion met, I found that the Harmony is like city of Jerusalem, where three religions meet in one city. People may say that there’s no harmony in it, or how can the harmony be there, the foundation of our belief is totally different.

Indeed, yes, all of their comment was true, but in my case, I never push my husband to be on my side, neither him. We walk along like a railway, side by side. There’s a friction sometimes, if I let my frustration of syariah law out, for example. But we can clear it out through his explanation of the why and the how, the history; so I can understand, not to be agreeing with the issue, only to give me the understanding.

As I read in this article, that no one can make others understand, only the person itself, who can give the understanding to themselves.

In my small world, where two east people with totally different culture met, I found that the Harmony is like in the Plurk world, where everybody with different background can listen to the same music.

Therefore back to our World – not my small world – as Tree’s mentioned in his post of self-censorship, I found that if we want our world to be in Harmony, the self-censorship should be there.

Not in the terms to let it out what we think, but to understand others from their perspective, not to agree, but to understand. Sometimes the agreement is disagree. But as long as we understand that we agree to disagree, than the disagreement will be a disagreement in “self-censorship” as Treespotter stated in his post.

As a human, our ego as a nation, our ego as a religious people, our ego as a person, is something we can not avoid. The ego stays with us for centuries, longer than we ever know. Therefore, the history can tell us a story of mankind. Same as “the ego” the history also can tell us of “the journey of the voice of our inner-self”.

But as a human also, they never learn or tend to forgotten to balance the ego and voice of inner-self (self-censorship).

Therefore the dreaming of better world is still something that beyond imagination for all of us. Don’t look at the biggest part, but look at ourselves, in our small world.

Am I able to do that ?
The classic comment from a human “I try even though I fall several times”.


Rob Baiton said...

Life is a challenge like that. It is all about trying and sometimes it is about success and sometimes it is about failure.

The key is when we fail do we get back up and try again or do we become twisted and bitter and endeavour to make everyone around us as miserable as we are because of that failure?

You fall off the horse you get back on. Life is a journey and not a destination (at least I read that somewhere) and this is a good philosophy to live by.

tere616 said...

Rob : And as you say, it depends on that person itself, whether they would like to back on or become bitter and bitter make around them misserable.

Life is a journey, and we learn from it, from the journey