Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Beauty of My Silver-lines

Life is about change
Sometimes it’s painful
Sometimes it’s beautiful
But most of the time it’s both conscious

What is the beauty of being old, especially for a woman ?

The beauty is how lucky we are because we have been in younger stage, whilst the younger haven’t been in the older stage.

The beauty is because finally we learned to accept the wrinkles, hormonal changes, slower metabolism and bone deteriorating.

The beauty is because we can watch the world turn back to the age when we were a kid, and watch our daughter, our nephew, walk in our past path.

The beauty is even though the wrinkles are there, the spirit to stay young is still there, and the spirit to look the world through the different lens is still there.

The beauty is because we know that finally, someday, our life is not ours anymore, our life slowly vanishing to the air.

The beauty is because finally we live with our memory of the past, the good and the bad one, love and hatred.

So, do I realize that am being old ? Yes, I do.

My silver-lines are sneak-up on my brown black hair, which finally show the dignity of the beauty of being old.
My body metabolism is going slower, even though I work out twice a week to get a firm tone of my muscle.
My proud of being a woman, where the beauty of her was not weigh based on her appearance but in her personality.

So, do I regret of being old ? No, I’m not.

Because my spirit to enjoy the world, to grab the knowledge, to feel the love of my surrounding, the opportunity to be in the middle of younger people, to see the world from their lens is still there.

No, definitely the answer is No, I have no regrets at all, except for one thing; I regret that I’m not born in this time machine, where the world becomes smaller but at the same time becomes far away.

No, definitely the answer is No, because it is how life’s turn to be.


Ancilla said...

"menjadi tua itu pilihan..." (can't find the words in English)..

the most important thing that we will consider at the last day of our life is whether we live to the fullest... just like what you said, no regret!

and talking about your silver-lines, no worries.. people must wait for years to get that!

Elyani said...

Lalita, the beauty of getting older for me is I've become more kind to myself and less critical of myself. When I look in the mirror, I certainly notice the changes, but they don't define me. I think accepting that aging is part of the process of living.

Al Khalifah said...

The beauty of getting older is I'm wiser than b4! I love to share my memoirs of my different path of my journeys with my beloved that they still young...the best thing I can do is to jot down in my latest blog and hopefully one day they able to appreciate it when they grow up.

tere616 said...

Ancilla : It's all about making a choice, isn't it ? Like it or not, the fact is, your body will be weak someday, but it doesn't mean that you're weak or it doesn't mean that you loose your spirit to live and make friends with others, isn't it ?

Elyani, in regards of my body, am still critical to myself. I push myself to do weight training twice a week, to tone my boddy. I'm doing it for the sake of myself not for others.

Yup, the point is we have to accept that aging is a process of living.

Al Khalifah, thank you for stopping by to my blog. Wiser ? I think I miss that one. Maybe without we realize, in some point we are wiser than before.

BTW, thanks to technology, hope someday, our children be able to appreciate our thought of our journey in this world through our blog.

Katadia said...

I know I am getting old because of the change of my taste in music. LOL

I am not as fit and as flexible as my pre-children years, and I have countless sun spots on my face. Out damn spots... out...He..he..

I don't mind the whole process. It's been fun watching my son grows. He reminds me of my childhood. As for my daughter, I guess my memory does not extend back to my infancy. He..he... Otherwise it'd be so good to close my eyes and reminisce the good ol times when I was a baby... LOL

nadia febina said...

Lalita, nice thoughts, love your attitude on being physically aging. *i'm over 30, and i notice a bit of change here and there.. it's starting! :)*

as you stated, our body changs as our age increases, however our heart & mind is ageless.. it will live forever. So let's just cherish this body aging process with a forever young mind & heart.

*finger crossed... it's still tough to see this silver hair appearing one by one day by day, you know!* :D

Anonymous said...

embrace your silver hair, embrace your wrinkles.
you could buy hundred of dollars cosmetics to cover them up, but you won't be able to cover what's inside.
like katz said, "change of taste in music" or if you go to a kafe and you think the music's too loud, and that you ask them to turn it down a bit... that's your older 'inside' screaming out your true identity :p

tere616 said...

katadia : LOL, imagine if we close our eyes and fly to our childhood time. Seems that everybody has their mark of ageing :-)

Nadia : Trust me, it's tough to see the silver hair appear but still I can't have the guts to coloring my hair :-(

accordingtod : LOL, I think the music's too loud reflect myself. Sometimes I can't stand it anymore :-)