Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Thought after "Privacy"

I was happy with the comment that I have on my post several days ago, regarding “privacy”.

However, for some reason, I have to keep it back as “draft” instead of “published’ it. I have another comment from my fighting partner. He told me that it is not polite to publish such issue like that, since it is against my value of “privacy”.

One thing that I like from the comment that I have is all relate to an issue that we know as “an affair”. An issue that every people in every part of the world will show the same reaction, a negative reaction. Since an affair is an action that breach the holly commitment between a man and a woman. A breach of a marriage life.

Sometimes in life, it is easy for us, to judge someone for her/his act without we even know the story behind, without even try to understand the pain or the suffering of that person.

I believe, no one in the world would like to breach their marriage life, but for other reason, which only that person knows, they come to it. In addition, I also believe, that for the rest of that person life, it becomes their burden.

I know for sure that people will say, it’s their mistake, their own choice, so let them feel the pain. Nevertheless, for me, I will say that we cannot say that because we are not them.

I know a woman who had to make a decision to divorce. At that time, even now, that is against society value. I remember how her entire family punished her because of her decision. Moreover, the worst case is not only her entire family but also her children, her love one where she dedicated her whole life.

She was punished because she met a married man and decided to leave her family to build her dream with that man. A decision that she regret because finally she had to let that man back to his family just for the sake of that man’s child.

Was she happy ? Yes, she was happy because she’s been able to make her best decision for her life.

How about her children ? Finally her oldest daughter expresses her happiness because of her mother decision to leave her father. Her oldest daughter knew that her mother gave her a peace full life away of parents fighting.

How about that man’s child ? Same as her oldest daughter, that child regret his decision. That boy told that woman, that he should not request that woman to ask his father back to his mother.

It takes years to get that understanding. And it takes years also to still feel the pain, the suffering because of that decision. The decision that she had to make for the sake of her own life and for her children. A decision that against society value ……

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oldboyz said...

Dear Tere, a blog is not a diary. a blog is a public area where everybody can see and read what you wrote in your blog. don't write in your blog your private experiences you can not share.
please, don't be stupid!!!