Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Silent Answer

Did you do the same too ? Always shown your contradiction ?

That was the only questions that I remember.

Lay on my bed, I played that question, before I could not stand to let the darkness of the night touch me.

Sometimes in life, when we made a mistake, a mistake that affect your life, a mistake that destroy your whole body, we always put that mistake as a warning letter, as a prevention for our self not to make the same mistake.

But without we realize it, the prevention also could destroy ourselves, because at that time we have not been able to notice love that come to our front door, love that only wants to say hello without even bring the hidden agenda.

Nevertheless, why it is so difficult to accept a helping hand ? Is it because of the pain suddenly rushed to meet love ? To warn love to stay away, to keep the distance ?

The only thing that I know, the pain is there, laugh at me for the mistake that I made, for the stupidity that I did, for the suffering that I feel.

The truth is because of the anxiety, which let the pain take over the open heart. The anxiety who reminds me to question all the good things that comes with helping hand. The anxiety that let love standing there with his sadness eyes.

It is unfair … ; yes .. I know, it is unfair ….


boyz said...

daer tere, "as a human being, making a mistake is very human, but if you don't understand that you make a mistake, you don't realize that your mistake hurt someone else, then you will make the same mistake"

tere616 said...

Boyz : Yes, can't agree more. Thanks :-)