Monday, August 06, 2007

The Time

Was there something more I could have done ?
Or was I not meant to be the one ?
Where’s the life I thought we would share ?
And should I care ?

And will someone else get more of you ?
Will she go to sleep more sure of you ?
Will she wake up knowing you’re still there ?
And why should I care ?

There’s always one to turn and walk away
And one who just wants to stay
But who said that love is always fair ?
And why should I care ?

Should I leave you alone here in the dark ?
Holding my broken heart
While a promise still hangs in the air
Why should I care ?

(Why Should I Care)
Diana Krall …

It’s about time now, to walk and not looking back …
I don’t know whether this is the best decision, something that I will regret
I don’t know …

One thing that I know, my life will not be the same
However, why bother, my life had changed anyway …

I know that I’m going to miss all the beautiful things that I ever have, everything …
No one can ever give me that day …

Anyway, the decision has to be made and I have made mine


Xun said...

hi, just read in the news about Earthquake, remember you said you are in Jarkata. Hope everything is ok.

Emma and Annya

Anonymous said...

Tere, since last one week I have been reading most of your writings,
U R fantastic, writing with your heart.
Keep posting U have a Great Perspective.
Raj Sekhar

tere616 said...

Xun : Thank you. Am ok. In fact at that time, I was not in Jakarta. I was in central java. Have drop you a note at your blog.

Raj : I feel honoured. Thank you so much. Hopefully I could do the posting always with my heart.