Monday, August 20, 2007

Mom's Story

As usual, when I have to do my business trip, my little daughter is the one who always make a noise of her disappointment of my trip.

Therefore, I always inform her of my business trip plan, at least a week before the D-day, just to get her understanding and her approval – actually not approval, but I make it like I really need her approval – so when the days come, I don’t have to argue with her.

Her comment becomes the normal comment, until today, when I told my husband that my boss asked me whether I could continue my business trip plan.

Precisely this is how I told my husband of my conversation with my boss :

You know what, Alex asked me whether I feel okay to continue my business trip because he knew that I’m not feeling well. But I told him that I have to otherwise I can not finish my trip before fasting month

At that time I thought that she didn’t pay attention to my story especially because I expressed it in English.

However, I was wrong; suddenly I heard her comment, “Why did you say you have to. You should say the truth. Not have to. Tell him that you’re not feeling well. So he wouldn’t let you go and I don’t have to sleep alone.”

Suddenly I could not say a thing, I’m speechless. Moreover, another thought come across my mind, that if I want to say something secret then I cannot use English anymore. I have to find a way to communicate it to my husband without she does her ears drop.

And I feel that I have to continue my French class. However, considering only me who will talk French, then I just feel speechless.

It's only 3 days business trip and haven't start it yet, but ...oh … I miss her already. My special companion when we watch a movie. My laughing friends when we read Lucky Luke comic book. My partner when I’m doing my weekend shopping at supermarket.

I remember when I hug her this morning. I told her that she’s getting tall and sooner she will refuse my hug. She just looks at me with her lovely eyes, kisses me and said that she always needs my hug.

Wish that she were still the same … my lovely expressive little daughter….

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