Saturday, August 25, 2007

I’m a stranger
Just stopping by at your life for a while
Before I continue my journey

It supposes to be a wonderful Saturday morning at HOME. Indeed, I feel like I have done my participation in 10k marathon.

My mind doesn’t want to stop working. I play my Jane Montheit “Surrender” repeatedly; still the uncomfortable feeling did not want to move from the corner of my heart.

So much to talk, so much to ask, so much in my mind …..

God has created Human to be different
No one, even twins, is the same person
It’s impossible to find similarity in others
It’s like live in bubble world

My last night Yoga didn’t work,
Still so much inside that needs to-let-it-out,
So many questions hanging around that need an answer

Wish I could see things clearly
Wish I could stop my left and right heart debate

Oh I wish … I wish …

I don’t care you only stop by for a while
Or if you would like to stay forever
For me, you are not a stranger
You are my friend

Can we meet God and share our thought ?
No, not in the “prayer world”, not in that … it’s too complicated.
I mean, really meet Him and talk, like two people share their stories.
Ask Him of His plan on me, argue with Him of the world that He has given to me
Ask Him the question that has been hanging around me for many years ….

Accept everything that arises. Accept your feelings,
Even the ones you wish you did not have.
Accept your experiences, even the ones you hate.
Don’t condemn yourself for having human flaws and failings.
Learn to see all the phenomena in the mind as being perfectly natural and understandable
Try to exercise a disinterested acceptance at all times
With respect to everything you experience
( by Bhante Henepola Gunaratama)

It’s not easy to accept the feelings, especially if those feelings will take a slice of your heart. A heart that you guard night and day, to prevent it from the painful and sadness.

It needs courage to share a piece of your heart to experience, to accept everything that came along with love.

It needs courage to accept a sincere invitation ….

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Anonymous said...

hi, is it him, BI, contacted you again or it is regular me