Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick Drop

After almost a week argued and fought with Indonesia Internet Provider, Speedy, finally I can open my mail and read my blogger friend post.

The rest, felt like live in heaven and hell …

Yes, heaven because I could sleep like a baby during the earthquake in central java and Jakarta. I was in Semarang on that day, after an exhausted business trip. Have to wake up at 03. 00 AM to catch my flight and one full day meeting plus dinner before finally check in at Premier Santika.

Met my old friend colleague at the airport. He was on his business trip to Sumatra. Amazingly, after more than 10 years, he looks like the old day. Except his, gain his weight. Promise to have lunch with him, while actually I doubt that I have time to do that.

Another heaven, because finally I could settled the basis for my new team after almost 4 years they became the “un-known” department. Could not tell how proud I am with them, working with un-certainty condition and still have the spirit.

Hell … yes, hell, because of the stupidity of my colleague. The way she think and act is beyond my understanding (hm … I remember if my fighting partner heard my comment of “beyond my understanding”). Lucky, I was in my patient mood, or should I say that I’m in my passive mood. I just wondering, people always view her as “smart” person. However, for me, she was far away of “smart” for not saying that she was an egoist person. With her master degree that she earned, she should be able to view from different angle. But in fact, she like a deaf person in the world. Only wants to hear her own voice. I'm wondering, maybe people view her as “smart” person because of her “master degree”.

Phew, I’ve met enough people with master degree title, but only a few of them got my respect. The rest …. A big no no from me and she is in that "big no-no" line.

Second hell, is this weekend. Wish I could rest but the problem came one after another. Could not take a breath. Nevertheless, it’s life, isn’t it ? I know that as my fighting partner said, it’s a matter of your choice, you want to re-act immediately or just wait and solve it another day. The problem is, am working at telecommunication company, where I have to get the answer before the problem chase me.

So … how is it ? Finally, the problem solved just before I’m writing this story.

The beautiful things …. I achieved my 2nd week goal in August that I set. Squeezed my business trip into two days, be in my yoga class, watched “Bourne Ultimatum” and read my blogger friends posting …..

And how about next week ? As my friend said to me .. next week will be tougher than this week. So .. Que Sera Sera … ; as I said, it’s life isn’t it ? Hope I can walk through it with my “patient” mood.

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