Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Beautiful World

Somebody asked me, what do I mean by “have found my world back” ? I remember one of my friends laughed when he read that line and asked me “which part of your world that you have lost ?”

Which part of my world ? In other words .. “Which part of my life” that has been back.

My world is back because I can write again. My world is back because finally I could spend my time with my two beautiful daughters even though it was only 6 months; after that, I have to go back to corporation world again. My world is back because I could use my heart to see all the beautiful things through my little lens of my snapshot camera. My world is back because I could use my sense to decide the handicraft that I have to sell to my buyer. My world is back because I could see other part of the world and Indonesia by using my little kid eyes in my grown up body.

Yes, … the answer is so simple, just as simple as you have to say “Yes”.

After spent almost 14 years in the corporation world and take a rest for almost 6 months, it feels like a child who sees the world with their curiosity eyes.

So … if I have to answer which part of my life that I have lost ? Just reverse all that “curiosity eyes”, and then you will see the bitter part of it.

The question now, do I lose it again ?

No, this time I keep it. I keep it like my little daughter take care her rabbit. Everyday, before she goes to school, she just stops by to that rabbit cage, and says hi.

Therefore, that is how I keep my beautiful life inside me. I do not want to loose it again otherwise; I can not stand to walk in the corporation world again.

Here’s my song that I play every morning "So Would You Let Me Be .. by Cinnamon :

We’ve get along together.
I should have known
You’re the best that I could be

Until now, it’s hard for me to face it
Why didn’t we meet each other sooner ?!

I left them all behind you
Only for you
Would you believe it
I put my trust on you

But deep inside I realized
That I can’t. No I can’t
They were all my brother
My cry and happiness

So would you let me be my self
Reach all of my dreams and hopes ?

I know you’ve known me better
I know you love me, you do

Your eyes says more than anything
That’s really mean to me
(that’s mean a lot for me)

Darlin would you now
Would you set me free ?

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litleyasmine said...

Dear tere, sorry to ask you very personal question, "why you wrote that you are only a mother of 2 beautiful daughters? seems that you are not proud of your husband.?
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