Sunday, August 19, 2007

Psycho-lo*gy*ve by Syafrina Siregar

This is a story of Amira January – a young success psychologist – who has her phobia on marriage and publication. Her advice as a psychologist always contradictory especially if it is relate to relationship or gender issue.

She got it all, except her status, she is single. No one knows that her afraid of marriage was because of her childhood experience.

Until one day, one event, destroy her “name”, her career, and her entire life. The event, which always becomes an enemy of every marriage life in the world. The event, which has a name “Affair”.

In this book, the writer, try to picture of how Mira (the nickname of Amira) try to survive from the rumors that destroy her life. The writer express Mira’s struggle through her view of marriage, affair and divorce.

I like the writer express Mira argued with her innerself when she noticed that actually she felt in love and how she put aside that feeling just because of her parents divorce. In addition, it’s not only that, the writer also try to picture of how an affair started.

Divorce in this book is not a big no-no. Divorce in this book is a decision that should be taken when there’s only fake romance live in a couple, when the sweet-talk only a drama. Divorce is not a common thing but also not a taboo. Divorce is a tough decision same as marriage, but not everybody realize it.

Same as divorce; an affair wherever you go, is an evil of marriage. However, do we ever understand how it start ? I’m not talking about an affair based on sex, am talking about an affair based on the feeling.

Once again, the writer put Mira’s struggle in refusing the love that has been offered by her ex-lover whereas his wife is her client, through several angle.

Anyway, even though that two parts – the controversial part – were only a small part of the book, but still as a novel who could enlarge somebody’s view of life, I will recommend you all (who can read Indonesian book) to read it.

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