Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The 2nd day of New Year ...

How’s your New Year’s Eve ? Common question that I encounter during the 1st day at the office in the New Year.

Everybody was sharing their New Year’s Eve and I, as usual, always answer the question with the standard answer since I was a kid.

“Oh … I went to church then went to my auntie’s house to celebrate New Year with my family, the tradition that we keep from generation to generation.” But this time not to my auntie's house, I went to my father-in-law's house.

Then I have got the look, the unbelievable look that I must be kidding, since according to them I’m not under the list of that kind of person who will celebrate New Year with her family.

Hm .... They were cheated, deep inside, the real me, I am not that kind of person who craving for party especially during New Year. I’m a kind of person who loves to spend my special day with my dear one.

New Year is a special day, the day where we cherish the year that we have spent and a day where we were waiting the New Year to be painting with every color that God has given to us.

How are we going to paint is up to our resolution, not like when we were a kid, a teenager, where the how that we are going to paint is up to the grown up, my parents, my aunties-uncles, my grandma.

This evening when I had my first operational meeting in 2008 with my team, I asked them of their 2007 key learning …

Surprisingly their answer realized me that my 2007 painting was so colorful where not all was a failure even when we looked back we felt amazed that finally we could pass the challenge that enter our world. It is not 100 perfect but still, it is an achievement. All of us admitted that 2007 was a year where taught us a lot, a year where we still have the spirit to renew our world.

So, how am I going to paint my 2008 world ?

The answer is I’m going to paint it with a lot of optimism color, with a lot of love color, with a lot of struggling color and less of failure color.

I maybe a person who has a lot of desire, but as my friend said that I have to make it happen instead of put the desire as a day dreaming, this year I will paint my world with my snap shot picture, with my yoga practice, with my war of temptation to buy a lot of book instead of finish it, with my war of my emotional up-side-down, with new achievement in my work.


Miss Lai Lai said...

I for one also spent my NYE with my family, which most people find it hard to believe (considering many knows I enjoy going out). It is a tradition that I kept to myself whenever I am in Indonesia.I guess partly I refuse to be stuck in an office or a jam-packed club =). But, I agree, it is always nice to celebrate it with the loved ones.

wiseguy said...

tere honey.
Happy New Year.
wishing you happy time each day of the year 2008. It's nice to have a tradition with dearest family.

Ecky said...

The answer is I’m going to paint it with a lot of optimism color, with a lot of love color, with a lot of struggling color and less of failure color.

Tere, I love that quote.

You go girl, I want to start this year with optimism spirit.

tere616 said...

miss lai lai : nice to know that somebody have the same tradition too. Happy New Year to you too

Wise guy : The same wishes goes to you too .. yes, nothing is more happier to celebrate the moment with our dearest one

Ecky : Hey .. you already have that, your 365 blog ? It's amazing ..