Monday, January 14, 2008

A Note of My Little Girl Christmas Show

This is the reason why I always love to watch my little daughter performance.

On Saturday night, I had an invitation to attend Christmas celebration in my neighborhood where my daughter also participated in drama show of baby Jesus. Actually all the player is children. So you could imagine how lovely that show.

The funny things started from the beginning when the sheep have to show up to the stage. As we all know, the grown up people, the sheep should act like a sheep, we neither have to crawl and never stand up nor kneel. But not this little sheep, suddenly he felt tired and he stands up. The teacher, told him to crawl but he refused, instead of follow his teacher instruction he played with other sheep.

Then came to the scene when my daughter whose role as Joshua, the young shepherd, had to cry since Joshua was told as a younger whine shepherd. In her script, she has to cry while saying something. Since all the dialogue has been recorded, the entire player only has to play in audible. So, when the crying scene came, instead of keep crying, suddenly she stopped her crying act and looked at her other friends shepherd, smile then continue to cry. The reason was simple because she forgot her text.

The other little angel also insisted to face her parents instead of facing the shepherd when they have to announce the baby Jesus born. No matter how hard the teacher turn her body and her friend told her, she still facing her parents then suddenly steps down from the stage and didn’t want to continue her role.

The worst part was Mary; she forgot to bring her baby Jesus. All she remembered only came to stage and kneeled.

At first we thought that there’s a little bit improvisation but when one of the Shepherd carried baby Jesus together with the manger, we realized that little Mary has forgotten her baby Jesus.

We all laughed when the Shepherd brought the manger and baby Jesus like she was carried her laundry rack.

We couldn’t stop our laugh after that scene, especially when Joseph didn’t want to end his role and keep playing with the sheep.

We gave the player outstanding applause.

Well … that night was one of my best nights. Nothing can replace the funniest thing of the little one …

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