Saturday, January 12, 2008

Musing Email ....

Its typical me, always reply the important email or finish my task closely to the dead line, even worst sometimes it’s already due.

Yesterday morning, when finally I have quiet time to read my hundreds mail, I bump into the email from my colleague. He has to fill in our company portfolio questionnaire. He told me that I have to read the questionnaire number 3 and need my reply on last Wednesday before lunch.

I read it on Tuesday, promised to myself that I will reply on Wednesday, forgot because I have a series of meeting on that day, then here am I, type my answer on Friday morning then stated my apology because of being “late” person.

It would be normal email as usual, but suddenly it turns into a preliminary good bye email from my colleague. I put it here, so I will remember our once in a blue moon email chit-chat.

N : Thanks for the revision. We nearly send this questionnaire.
Me : Sorry . But there’s another comment from NK, you should add it to the questionnaire.

N : Tere, ok this time
Me : Are you sure ? This time only ? So you will stay and not leave the
company ? Wow .. then I still see you in your office then :-p

N : This time only, because there’s no Q’s to you from me next time,
Off course you can see me in the office, up to certain date :-)

He is not my colleague that I always in touch with, he with his investor things, totally different with me.

Meet him once in a while, if I went to my HQ, just stop by in front of his office, exchanged news of exhibition in Esplanade, Sing. Or bump into the same lunch table or into the same bus when our office went to Bali. Sometimes exchange office rumor. That’s all.

Not close enough … but knowing that there will be new people in your friend’s office, it’s not easy.

Hm ….sentimental ? Maybe ….


Andie Summerkiss said...

Hey Tere, just dropping by to say thank you for your comments in my blog earlier.

I am looking forward to read more about you ...


Hello "Tere" ...

I came by today to let you know that I'm leaving this bloggerville .. the reason of my leaving is very personal ... who knows oneday I'd be back writing and 'talking' to you all :)

Thank you for your warm Christmas and NEw year wishes :) .. hope you had wonderful holidays as we spent ours partying w/ germs and .. germs. LOL. my hubby and the munchkin had nasty flu bugs. so there went my holiday :( ...

Again, I'd to say THANK YOU for the visits at my virtual's home.

Wishing you and your loved ones abundant heaven blessings in this brand new yr :)

Take care there. God bless.
~ annita

ps. Btw,I am a SENTIMENTAL person too :)

tere616 said...

Andi summerkiss : You're most welcome. Will come and visit your blog again, for sure :-)

Footprints : Well ... I left my note to your "home"

tere616 said...
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