Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another story of stupidity

Several days ago there were a meeting between some of entrepreneur of water-hyacinth, the furniture association, Indonesia state minister deputy and Egypt ambassador. They were discussing the possibility of Indonesia’s entrepreneur to invest their money in Egypt.

Egypt Ambassador explained to Indonesia entrepreneur of the problem in his country caused by water-hyacinth. He heard that Indonesia knows how to use water-hyacinth, convert that water-hyacinth into furniture, bag, and several things. Therefore, he came and asked whether there’s an opportunity to have cooperation with Indonesia entrepreneur.

Then came the time for Indonesia state minister deputy to speech after he heard the information given by the entrepreneur of the process and the prospect of water-hyacinth. In his speech, the minister deputy didn’t even hear nor understand the point that has been stated by the entrepreneur. He still insisted that Indonesian entrepreneur has to invest their money in Egypt, share all the knowledge to Egypt people.

The entrepreneur stated that if they invested their money in Egypt while here, in Indonesia, water-hyacinth were the source of Indonesia common people livelihood, then the minister deputy have to think of the impact for Indonesia itself. Besides the cost that the Indonesian entrepreneur has to bear, because of the increasing production cost which at the end lead the selling price were beyond their normal-usual price.

If Egypt people would like to learn how to convert water-hyacinth into all the useful things, then the Indonesian entrepreneur and the government should find the best way to exchange knowledge process between those two countries. Instead of invest the money in Egypt and leave Indonesia common people suffer.

End of the story was dead end.

Lesson learned from that meeting, no wonder Malaysia could claim our batik, our angklung, our traditional song, as theirs, since our people who represent Indonesian society in government don’t know how to use their lovely brain.

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