Sunday, January 13, 2008

Your Old Soul Answer ....

Have you ever met somebody which their act and their thinking older than their age ? I believe all of us have met someone like that which we name that person with “Old Soul”.

How come somebody can have an Old Soul while others not ? Is it true, an Old Soul?

Previously I thought that it was a joke when we named one of our friends with that term. It just slips of our mouth because that person looks way older than others. The thinking, the style, most of the time make us tense.

Until one day, when I do my googling, I found several article about Old Soul. Don’t know have to believe it or not, but in that article, the author mention several characteristic of a person who have “Old Soul”.

When I read it, seems that I have experienced one of those event, but when I go through on it, I realized that for an “Old Soul”, the experience is every day not occasionally.

So here’s the key sign of an Old Soul :

  • Giving and caring often putting others first.
    Had a difficult romantic life often with much pain and disappointment
    More than likely had a soul mate relationship
    Have trouble connecting with your family
    Somehow know you are different
    Have some psychic intuition and just knowing things
    Find that have deeper emotions and passions than most people
    People have extreme reactions to you – some just adore and some seem to really dislike you, yet you behave the same to everyone
    Have an inner creative passion
    Suffer lots of jealousy, often perceived wrongly
    Feel don’t have much free will, like life is being controlled by some outside force
    Often feel ‘stuck’ like events just keep on happening time after time.
Our soul has traveled since the manifestation until now, stay in human form for many times. For that soul we name it “Old Soul” because there’s also a “Young Soul” where the Soul experience is not as the Old Soul.

I just remember this phrase from my mom when she answered my question of her knowledge in reading my attitude, my lies. Her phrase, “You will know when you’ve become a mother.”

It took years to finally understand her answer. The older we are, the more experience we have in our lives, and it made our “eyes” can see the non plain view.

So same as the Old Soul, all the wiser, giving, caring things, is just because the Old Soul has traveled through centuries, decades and has met a lot of test given by the One.

The returned of The Old Soul to human body is probably to pay the debt that the Old Soul left in previous life (ups … not previous life again …)

But as the author of
these articles said, at the end it’s all about balance. Having the Old Soul in our human body doesn’t mean that we can accept all the negativity re-pays from others.

All in nature is all about Balancing.

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