Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been TAG by Ecky

Yup … I’ve been tag for the 1st time by Ecky ....(open the title link). Same as her, I thought it was just like I snap my finger, but suddenly I feel a little bit difficult. The reason is because I have many.

Anyway .. here you go :

1. Truth, Trust and Love. The most three important things I respect in all relationship.

2. Internet – Blog. Can’t live without it, my window to explore the world

3. Book .The 1st agenda when I went abroad, always spend my time in the bookstore

4. Movies. The fairy tale to escape from the real world

5. Spending time with my dearest friends … nothing can replace the beautiful moment with your dearest friends.

6. Bali. A place where the time stop tickling …

7. Last but not least, the hug and kisses of my two beautiful daughters ...

And now I tag my blogger friends : gurushabad, Xun and Beaman


Andie Summerkiss said...

I love your seven things! Great list! :)

Xun said...

Hey, I tagged back or whatever it is. Thanks for tagging me.

Best regards to you and your beautiful daughters,

tere616 said...

andie summerkiss : I also love your seven beautiful list and the pictue

Xun : Wow ... thank you

Komila said...

Great List. Love your seven things:) and congrats on getting tagged.

And Yeah, Thank you for stopping by and leaving your footprints. :)

You are most welcome, you can link netime.. I have already linked urs :)

Take care

jasmine said...

Great list. what about hug and kisses from your loving husband?

tere616 said...

jasmine .. the feeling of the hug and kisses of my two beautiful daughters were something that you can't replace. It's different, totally different.

Not under estimate the hug and kisses of loving husband ... :-)

Ecky said...

I like your list, good stuff!

tere616 said...

Komila - Ecky : You're most welcome. Ecky .. seems that we have two in common.