Friday, January 11, 2008

Life Plan ....

Go out and grasp the seconds of the day as if you had only that day to live.
Experience and enjoy the moments of your life.
We only have one life to live, so live it like a champion.
Katie Griffler

Hm … have I live my life like a champion ? What is the definition of being a champion ?

In my Oxford Dictionary, champion means a person who fights for, or speaks in support of, a group of people or a belief.

Well, if I bite the meaning in Oxford Dictionary, I’m hundred percent sure that my answer would be “Yes .. Yes .. Yes..”.

I have live my life like a champion for these past several days and that was the reason I didn’t post anything to my blog.

Finally, I could meet the target that I set to myself; prepare the direction to my team for the whole year in the middle of “uncertainty”.

You may say it was too late, but for me nothing is too late, it’s there or no at all. But compare to last year, this time I want to make it better, not for myself but for the entire team.

It needs a hard work but as I stated before, even though its need a hard work, I don’t want to sacrifice my life to achieve it. I have promised myself to change my life style and I mean it.

But experience and enjoy the moments in your life doesn’t always relate to target. It’s about our life, our day to day life, time that I put for myself, time for my children, and time for my family. It’s about managing time ….

It’s not 100 percent perfect, I haven’t managed my yoga schedule and it’s my home work. Not because there’s no time, it’s merely because I enjoy my blanket lately.

Anyway, yesterday I enjoyed my time. I have dedicated my time to watch Season 1 of Psych …, funny though.

What about my early plan ? Clean up my library ? …The sleeping beauty has changed her mind … she wants to manage her movie library this time. Promise to her that from now one, she must read the entire book which has been waiting to read and watch the movie that she has bought last year ….

In other words … I’m in the middle to proof my friend rhyme about a person who loves to plan but rarely make it happens.

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Ecky said...

I plan to exercise everyday, but I'm in love with my bed and blanket (in other word, being lazy) so I choose to be with them instead :)

tere616 said...

Ecky : LOL ...:-) The worst part even though I already put it as a bet ( I have to reduce 3 kg within 3 mos), still am lazy :-D

Miss Lai Lai said...

I can so relate to your statement about "person who loves to plan bu rarely make it happen"=)

I also have so many books and movies I bought that I need to read, and I think it shall be one those to do list. 2008 will be lots of weekends in to do that..;-)

tere616 said...

miss lai lai : .. thank God, finally I met someone with the same goal in 2008 :-D