Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Today, 01 January 2008

It is always important to know
When something has reached its end.
Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters,
It doesn’t matters is to leave behind us in the past
Those moments in life that are over

The Zahir
Paulo Coelho

In couple hours we will leave 2007 behind and 2008 will come.
2007 will return to His Creature, God, while 2008 will be a gift from God
It’s a new book where all the path of your life within a year will be written.
It’s up to you, to write the same story or to change it with more meaningful story
But one thing that you have to remember, that once you have written it, you can not erase it. It will stay there, bad or good. And only you, who could decide whether it will be a good or bad story.

.... That was the message from my priest during end of 2007 mass, last night.....

I have closed my 2007 door, finish the chapter. But I can’t say goodbye to 2007, since the book has not complete yet, my life has not end yet.

So today, I just start to write another chapter of my life.
The opening of 2008 chapter, another good and bad, another dissatisfaction and satisfaction, new achievement and several failure …

And this is the song that I play over and over ….

How does the time slip by so fast
Why can’t it once stand still
For us this night, will always last
With every breath until
And if you find you’re all alone
Remember we have wings
As long as there is air to breathe
And music left unsung
You know that in the darkest night
A dawn has just begun
So think of me
I’ll think of you
Together we’ll take flight
For we shall never say goodbye
We only say goodnight
For we shall never say goodbye
We only say goodnight



Hello 'Tere"

THANK YOU soo much for your kind Christmas wishes you left on my blog :) .. Really appreciate them :)

May the heaven wonders be abundant in your life. Wish you the BEST in all you do :)

Take care there :)
~ annita

ps. I'm still on leave from blogging

tere616 said...

footprints : Your most welcome Anita, am still miss your post. Hope you will back soon :-)