Friday, January 04, 2008

My Walt Disney World

Well … 3rd day of January 2008 will pass soon …

I know that he didn’t mean it but his comment really awaken myself. Just several hours before 2007 left me, he asked me this simple question, “Have you bought your dream camera ?”

My answer to him, as always, straight as before, “No”, without further explanation.

Then he sang the rhyme that somebody once told him that she wants to have that, she wants to do that, she needs to do this and nothing happened.

I, as always, laugh out loud … because I found it funny until I repeated his rhyme before New Year’s Eve mass and suddenly I realized that he was trying to tease me, that I have a lot of dream, and none of them I could realize it.

So, I told myself that I won’t do the same promise again to myself and make announcement of my dream to every people. It’s enough.

From now on, I am going to put my dream in the corner of my heart while still trying to make my dream come true ..

Today … 3rd January 2008, one of my goal, the one that I promise to my Boss, my bet, finally come true …; still have one bet, after that ..Just fight to make my dream com
e true.

After more than a year, finally I met with my old friend.
Another promise that we always said when we end our phone calls.
And today … we exchanged story of our children, our job, and our boss
What a day ….

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Putput said...

ehehe .. ^^
makasii atas masukan ttg global warmingny ..
emang btul ac itu jgn dinyalain sering2 .. hhe

mimpi itu emang ga tkabul gtu aja..
emang hrs ad wktuny
asal tetep dilakuin
(sok banget sya) hha

lam knal:)

Ecky said...

By letting people know about your dreams can help you achieve it, because they will remind you if they see you not doing anything to achieve it.

tere616 said...

putput : You're right girl. As long as we work on the dream, sooner or later the walt disney magic word .. your dream come true .. will happen.

ecky : LOL, the problem is I have a loooot of dreams and my friend who always listen to my dream getting tired ..
But will try to do your advice, at least try not to have a lot of dream. Just the SMART one :-p