Saturday, January 05, 2008

A story of controversial love

This is a story of family secret that has been run in three generations. The process of awakening the secret started when Lendy, her grand daughter, found a manuscript and a bunch of letters of her grand mother, Diana, in her closet.

She could not ask her grand mother since her grand mother was dying because of cancer.

During her process to find the answer of her grand mother love secret, at the same time, she also questioning her decision to marry Philip, her lover, and her relationship with her mother, her relationship with the past.

The process of opening the Pandora box will be the same as others love story, but this time Clara Ng, write it differently.

Diana, Lendy’s grand mother, fall in love with Henrietta, a woman, where in every family tradition, at Diana’s era, is a big no even until today.

In this novel, Diana and Henrietta, have to keep their dream in their heart even when the opportunities are in front of their door.

Clara Ng, didn’t write merely of lesbian issue, but she also write about becoming a woman, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a wife. There’s no antagonist character in this novel, it’s all about love and happiness.

… I have to say that this is the first Indonesian novel where lesbian is the central of the story, the un-forbidden love. The ways Clara Ng express this issue and put it into three generations were awesome.

The last part of her novel, Gerhana Kembar, is the most breath-taking.

I have several gay friends, be in that circle since I was in college, but having it in my family; I think I need courage to accept the fact.


Ecky said...

The storyline is familiar, I think I've watched a movie with similar storyline but I can't remember what movie.

Well maybe good ideas can be similar ya :)

tere616 said...

Ecky : Remember friends ? According to my friend there's similar storyline like that.

Hm .. I think every good ideas can be similar but how the writer package it, that's the difference.