Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Thought .....

My friend once told me that at the end, our friends will vanish and only a friend, a true friend, will stay. So when the time comes, we will know who is our true friend, because the only left is a friend where we always find to share our happiness and sadness.

I just smile and try to understand the statement, even though deep in my heart, I’m questioning his statement.

Last night, in my nutshell, I let myself questioning the statement, and I have to admit that the statement is a valid one. Picturing the stages in my life, I just realized that friends that we thought as a friend, is not really a friend.

They vanish as fast as they come.

I once heard that our partner in life actually is our “true friend”, friend where we can share anything. Because there’s emotional attachment in that relationship.

Maybe the last statement is true, maybe it’s wrong.

For me, even though he/she is our partner in life, it is still depends on the level of trust. Do we believe our partner in life as our friend where we can share anything; do we believe that our partner in life also put his/her trust on us ? Can we share anything without even afraid of our partner statement, comment, rejection ?

Back to the end of our life, where our friend left is only our true friend, for me the secret lies in us. It can be our partner in life, it can be our "friend". It is lies in these question. Do we believe our true friend is a person where we can share anything, our memories, our happiness, our sadness, our worries, without even worrying of their statement ? Do we believe that our fighting is the spices of a friendship, without even afraid that it will end as an enemy ?

But as somebody says that “it takes two to tango”, I have to admit that even though we put our believes, it will not work unless our friend put their believes in us too.

So … do we need years to find whom our true friend ? Is the statement of “time will tell” still valid ?

No, we don’t need years to know whether our friend will be our ‘true friend’; But yes .. We need times to know whether they will be the last who stays …


Anonymous said...

masalah yg kami hadapi sdh km sampaikan, hanya kepada ibu, berharap tdk menggangu kesibukan , terima kasih

socrates rudy sirait said...

“A true friend stabs you in the front.” — Oscar Wilde

If we trust our best friend, why should we worry about anything that will come out from their mouths?

honesty said...

the question is not "do you trust me? but "can I be trusted?"