Saturday, July 07, 2007


Sometimes an unimportant incident
is capable of turning everything beautiful
into a moment of anxiety.
We insist on seeing the mote in the eye
and forget about the mountains,
the fields and the olive groves

By The River Piedra
I Sat Down and Wept
(Paulo Coelho)

My friend once asked me, have you met your soul-mate ?
I remember I told him that I have met my soul mate.

The he continued through another question, are you sure that he is your soul-mate ?
I remember I answered his question with a smile and slowly nod my head.

Then the last one, do you married your soul-mate ?
This time, I can’t answer his question, but for sure I know that when I decided to marry, I’ve told my self that I’ve found my soul mate.

But even though I’ve answered his question, the question it self still valid and really bothering me.

How sure we are that we have met our soul mate ? How sure we are that we married our soul mate ? No one knows.

What is exactly the meaning of soul-mate ? In my oxford dictionary, soul mate means a person that you have a special friendship with because you understand each other’s feeling and interests.

By referring into the meaning of soul-mate, then actually we married with our “soul-mate” in our preliminary stage of understanding of people’s feeling and interest.

But how do we know that our spouse is the right “soul-mate” ? For me the answer is in the eyes of our soul-mate. The same eyes that we look when we open our eyes in the morning, the same eyes before we close our eyes and follow the life path of dream. The eyes that have the light of love, understanding and passion.

Do we marry our soul-mate ? Yes, we marry our soul-mate.
Then the next question, if yes, why there’s many people could not answer that question quickly ? why there’s a statement that only a few people that marry their soul-mate ?

The answer is because we forgot to lighten the light of the old soul-mate, We have taken for granted the love of our soul-mate. We forgot to keep the romance as before. And the most important thing is we taken for granted the closeness of the friendship that we have build.

So, do I believe that soul-mate is always our spouse ? No, I don’t believe that soul-mate is in “spouse” term. Soul-mate is too precious to put only in a spouse.

There is a relationship where the the understanding of the feeling is the basis, where even in silence each other can share their thought, by only a quick glimpse can means a thousand words.

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Andrey said...

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