Monday, July 09, 2007

My Dream Wish List - Finish my "Naked Conversation" book

This is the last entry of my Dream Wish List. I had put it into my “consuming” about a year ago and seems that there’s no progress.

I think it’s better that list stay in my “consuming” list but take it out from my wish list.

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Anonymous said...

so now the reason of flying to india was to find soul mate, i thought it was pure business.

so now you call it soulmate, i thought he was the result of passion to flirt, to find a new man

so now you call him soulmate, i thought he is the one ready to help take care of you and daughthers, giving name for baby, boy or girl, oops so lovely, and sent you the proposal while he was drunk.

i thought you once said goodbye to start new life in a distance country.

remember one of your deleted blog.

feel at the top of mountain, after 3night seminar, feel belong to group iof GM, it was not actually, playin dare game, while loosing ground.

i thought the meeting was rejected by him, himself, because he was busy for final exam. or was it really failed or just managed story.

are you sure he is your soulmate or just a justification

have a nice vacation