Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Old Place - Sangria

I always feel like a child every time I come into this place, especially during our morning walk through the plantation.

Feel the warm of the sun rise through the coldness of the temperature in our skin, see all the beautiful green color through the mist, always makes me feel God’s beautiful gift to me.

It’s always like come back to the old place, where the old friend come and cheers us. The place that you know by heart.

This time, after for almost 2 years we absent, we visit the old place again. Our old place has changed, my old hiding place, where I always spend my time to read, my bale-bale, has changed to a dry spa place. The barbeque area changed to plant area, where butterfly and colorful flower shown their magic. The rest is still the same, the security, the people, they are still the same.

As soon as we arrived, my daughters ran to every corner to check their old memories of this place, shouting each other with their nephew, laughing when they share their vacation long time before.

After a year back in the corporation world, this time I feel like am back in my own world, where I can feel the freshness of the air, where I can see the butterfly dancing with the flower, scenery that hardly to find when am back to my place.

Especially during the night, through my window, I can see the light of the city, playing the music of night orchestra with the sound of the frog, cricket and dog as the background.

What a beautiful place …. Far away from the hectic of big city …..

People changed so all the rest …; this morning, when we do our morning walk routine, we just realized that the monkey, si Amang, had gone. We stopped by at his “house”, but he’s not there, it’s empty. I remember my daughters express their disappointment. Si Amang is our first friend that we always met when we do our routine morning walk.

Our friend, the lazy dog, is still there, but the puppy, our friend who accompanied us, is not there too. My little one, she tried to find that puppy and when she realized that the puppy now become the “grown up” dog, stop her searching.

But, there’s a place, which still stay the same, the plantation and the farm …

I met with a bunch people who cut the grass in the middle of morning mist during my walk through the plantation. Watch little strawberry try to show her beautiful color through the green leaves and the morning cheers from the morning dew.

I feel like I was watching David Foster Symphony and the world stop for a while ..

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