Monday, July 16, 2007

From The Distance

The vacation is over, and the only thing left is only the memories of those several days far away from our daily routine.

Now, when I was looking into the picture that I’ve taken, I still can feel the coldness of the air when we did our morning walk, I still can hear my children and my nephew laughing when they were doing their pose in the middle of strawberry plantation.

I still can remember how the “shopper goers” chose to do their shopping while the little one chose to stay at the pool, played with the blue water and their imagination of the story that they read.

How our sleepy faces becomes the “major” pretty face of our morning picture, taste the porridge, admired the Australian horse, enjoy our way back to the hotel with the “andong”.

The fresh milk, sumedang tofu, the strawberry, the hot tea, .. our lovely breakfast when we tired with our morning activities …;

Pampering me with the SPA or as my in laws did, pampering themselves with a bunch of shopping bag …

Chatting with the Martabak owner when he made our order, made a joke with the owner of the traditional chicken fried restaurant, in the evening, when everybody wore their jacket

…. Looking back into those days, through the happy faces of the pictures, reminds me that no one can buy that happiness …

…. Looking back into those days, through the beautiful scenery of the pictures, reminds me that Life were kind, He gave me another chance to feel the softness of His touch.

And as my daughters told me, “We are happy, finally you have time for us, thank you “

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