Sunday, July 22, 2007

There are moments when troubles enter our lives
And we can do nothing to avoid them.
But they are there for a reason.
Only when we have overcome them
Will we understand why they were there

(The Fifth Mountain – Paulo Coelho)

My dearest friend,

I read that above quotation from “The Fifth Mountain – Paulo Coelho”.

When suddenly I remember the troubles that has been a topic of discussion between my right and left heart. The trouble that makes me ask God for the explanation, the trouble that makes me flew to other part of the world to find the answer. The troubles that I’ve put in the corner of my heart.

I remember all the pain, hatred and anger that I have to deal before finally I make a peace with them. The struggle to win the war, the war that had left a mark in my life.
A mark that hardly can be notice.

I remember the years that I have to live with it, the night that I’ve spent with tears, and do the bargaining with God. The worries that I have to deal. The worries of the sake of “reputation”, the “name”.

I remember it all, my dear friend …

But this time, the pain, the anger, the hatred is not like the old days.
Finally, I could realize it and detach that feeling ….

If you ask me how … the answer is simple, because of LOVE.

When LOVE introduces himself, through his thousand faces, beautiful quotation, stories, books, songs and friendship, I knew that I must give him a CHANCE.

A chance to understand, a chance to see from different angle, a chance to troubles to explained all what his done to me.

I let my right and left heart fight. I let them put their own “secret” on the table, let them argue…

Are they vanishing ?

No, I have to admit it to you that the suffering is not vanish, sometimes in the middle of the darkness, suffering came and visit me, just to remind me of the “pain”, so I would be able to detach that.

My dearest friend,

Please give LOVE a chance to build the castle of peace in your heart, so you would be able to see the troubles from different angle.

Let LOVE shown to you her beauty through the faces of the one that you love; let LOVE whisper her magic through the eyes of the one that comes through your dream…

So one day, you could say how much you love them; unashamed of showing your feelings, because they were there, always there, even though you hid them.

And me from the distance will smile and say, “I’m so proud of you” ...


andy laver said...

interesting thoughts you have here :)

arrariv said...


Paulo Coelho has found your post from Google Alerts.
He would like to post it in his blog :
Would that be possible? Would you mind?
If you could be so kind to send a reply to we would appreciate!

Thank you and Have a nice day!
Mustafa Suphi Yilmaz

tere616 said...

Andy : Thank you. It was based on my friend sorrow.

Arrariv : What a surprise. It would be beautiful. No, I don't mind. Have send the reply to the mail. Thank you

litleyasmine said...

hi tere, I'm yasmine. I like your blog, it's beautiful. I imagine you as a strong single parent who face the world with smile. you gave me smile.thanks

Scott said...

Hi, tere616, very touching post you have here. Caused me to slow down and examine my own life's circumstances. You write very well and with much sincerity, I admire you.

On a different but totally related note- I was sifting through mybloglog and noticed your link. Then, when I visited your page, I noticed my name/sites in your blogroll under "My Inspiration". I am completely honored and touched to be included on your site. Thank you so much. If there is ever anything that I can do for you (or to be of assistance for you), please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanks again, Tere616, take care and God bless.


Scott [at] scottpot [dot] com

tere616 said...

litle yasmine : Thank you so much. The fact is I'm not a single parent but in my daily life, .. yes, for almost all aspect in my decission that I have to take is like a single parent. I don't know how to explain it, but that's the fact.

tere616 said...

Scott : Felt honoured too and you're most welcome, Scott. Actually it was a letter to my friend.

Anyway, you already help me though, through your post :-)